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About the Rooms

The rooms are organized by color: Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red (plus the Gift Shop and Staff Room). This map is not a single bitmap image, but a series of multiple colored graphic boxes with text and links that was done within Wix.

They're further divided by cardinal directions: North, East, South, West.

When editing, you can see the respective pages (N for North, E for East, etc.) on the Menus & Pages section on the top right.


Now, it must sound simple to just add a new room for displaying, right?


If you would like to add a whole new room, you would need to...

Recreate the map to accommodate the new room, which includes:

  • Reworking the map layout

  • Adding the text and links to the new room

Make at least 4 new web pages (one page for each wall), which includes:

  • Copying over the existing rooms and recoloring the walls

  • Placing new doorways and linking the next rooms within them

  • Linking each side scroll arrow to each respective wall

  • Pasting the new display map on each wall and putting the respective “YOU ARE HERE” marker

  • Editing every link URL and title for each page

Paste the new map at the bottom of every single page of the site that has it (all 20 of the gallery walls, and the 4 walls of the gift shop)


Unless you are: a Wix veteran, have a lot of time on your hands, know exactly what you are doing, and are extremely crazy, I’d highly suggest leaving the rooms as they are. There are 20 walls that you can use. Just size the pieces down if you have a lot of submissions, you can’t possibly run out of space.

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