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Welcome to our Virtual Art Gallery!

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Once upon a time...

In the middle of the Spring 2020 semester, West Hills College Lemoore had to close its campus for health precautions. This postponed and delayed staple campus events, like Collision of Vision—a day where the whole community would hang out and share artwork.

SPLAAT Club (Students Practicing and Learning Art Appreciation and Techniques) would not let that be the end of it, of course! In this rapidly advancing digital world, we've decided to continue to share art with the campus using the power of the internet.

Modeled after art museums, this site hopes to bring a bit of the experience to you in the comfort of your home (or on the go, if you're on a mobile device).


For best results, view on a computer!

How the gallery works:

Visit the entrance here.

Click the arrow keys on the ← left and right → to view another wall, and click the colored doorways to advance to another room.

Find the details about the art itself by clicking on or hovering over it.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

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